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Our Humble Beginnings

My husband and I have been in the corporate world for years. We started having our own business a few years back when we formally established our rental business.  Even with this business on-going, we have always dreamt of our own retirement place, a farm where we can enjoy fresh air and enjoy fresh food from our harvest.


The purchase of the farm in 2016 was unplanned.  We went on a road trip to Tagaytay and going home, we took  a road less travelled to avoid the traffic at Silang and then  we saw how beautiful Barangay Casile is.  It has spectacular views of Calamba cityscape and Tagaytay ridge and as an add-on,   it was very near our residence and Nuvali.   You can still be within the boundaries of civilization yet still be rural in a way,  with the quiet serenity of the place.  Barangay Casile’s population density is 2nd to the lowest of all barangays in Cabuyao.


It wasn’t long before we decided to buy the 1.3 hectare farm.  Developing the property into a habitable farm wasn’t easy nor was it cheap. We had to research, think and rethink our options.  What we had in mind for our farm was a simple 1,000 sqm farm with vegetables and livestock for our own personal use. But what we had instead, was more than a hectare. Probably, a little more than we can chew that we should think of ways to generate funds from the farm for its upkeep.


We did some research, weigh our options till finally, we decided on a cacao farm. We still have to learn the ropes of processing the cacao but until the cacao reaches fruiting stage a few more years, we still have enough time.


The Lord has blessed me with a son who have joined the corporate world but have been with us in this journey .  He would, without a doubt, give us his full support and assistance in this endeavor.


It will take years for the tress to grow, and as we await, we seek for God’s help for no long periods of drought nor long periods of excessive rain and/or typhoons.

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